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How do I earn points?

Select an app on the earn page, and tap the download button to go to the store page. Once downloaded, use the app for two minutes to earn points. It may take a day for your points to be credited.

Where are my points from downloading an app?

It may take a couple of days for your points to be registered. You may not receive points if you’ve previously downloaded the app, or not completed the app’s tutorial.

Do points expire?

If you haven't downloaded an app, or visited FeaturePoints for more than 60 days your points will expire and be reset to zero.

My points are suddenly at zero. How can I recover my points?

If you have been active on FeaturePoints within the last 60 days, your browser cookies may have been lost or reset. Sign up again and your points will be recovered. If you are still having trouble send an email to support and we can help.

Once I get the points from an app I downloaded, can I delete the app?

Yes, once you have received points you can delete the app from your device.

Can I send points to my friends?

You can't give your points to your friends. Instead, you can redeem a reward and give them the redemption code

Do I need an iTunes account on iOS?

Yes, you need to have an iTunes account registered in your geographical location to download apps, and redeem app rewards.

Do I need a Google Play account on Android?

Yes, you need to have a Google Play account to download the FeaturePoints app on to your device.

Why haven't I been credited for an app I downloaded?

You may have already downloaded this app in the past. If this doesn't clear within a couple days you are not eligible to receive points for this app.

Why am I not seeing any app offers?

You may have downloaded all the apps we have available right now, or you may be located in an area which doesn’t have any app offers available.

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